April 11, 2010 10 Comments Site Updates

I thought it was time for change and we now have new layout. Pictures come from Parade Photoshoot. Layout was made by amazing hilary.

10 Responses to “New Layout”
April 11, 10 • 4:39 am

Oh my god, the new layout is wonderful ?

April 11, 10 • 4:39 am

wonderful <3 *

April 11, 10 • 5:55 am

The new layout looks awesome. Great work! =)

April 11, 10 • 6:15 am

Anyways…Time for a change huh??? This is a very nice and playful layout. Good work 🙂

April 11, 10 • 6:50 am

It’s beautiful !

April 11, 10 • 7:26 am

Thanks so much
Im happy you like it

carly trendy
April 11, 10 • 9:17 pm


Do you have info on how or where to attend/apply to be a extra in the movie “butter” ?


April 11, 10 • 11:51 pm

you need to apply here http://gloriosocasting.com/Butter.html to be extra on that movie

April 12, 10 • 11:43 am

Beautiful !

dan lord
April 12, 10 • 3:56 pm

Fantastic redesign! great job on this site overall.
Anythng special planned for Jen’s birthday coming up on 17th?

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