Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck

Expectant couples Ben Affleck & Jennifer Garner and Matt Damon & wife Luciana turned out for a Miami fundraiser Saturday for Barack Obama.

Garner, sporting a small baby bump, looked radiant in a chic short black cocktail dress and sexy high-heeled sandals. Luciana, very pregnant, was decked out in a long black skirt with a strapless tank top.

The couples attended a private $1,000-per-person VIP reception at club SET to support the presumptive Democratic presidential candidate.

After spending orientation time in The Trophy Room, the four friends headed for SET’s Hip Hop Room to socialize with guests before giving speeches from the stage.

“Jennifer Garner gave the first speech supporting Obama, and she was very witty, clever and funny,” says a source at SET. “She was followed by her husband Ben, then Matt Damon. The men gave serious political speeches on how the country needs change.”

The stars drank bottled water and took pictures with the guests.

“They were all in great moods and very friendly to everyone,” says another source, accompanied by a host who plunked down $5,000 for his group to meet the stars and support Obama.

Damon, who has a house in Miami Beach, told reporters outside of SET why he is supporting Obama: “For a lot of reasons. But mostly because I don’t like the path this country’s on and if McCain is elected we’ll be continuing down that same path.”

Also, Affleck told PEOPLE outside of SET that he doesn’t know if he is going to the Democratic Convention, but “I’d like to.”

The Afflecks and Damons departed in a limo after about 90 minutes and headed for a private party at Anthony Kennedy Shriver’s Miami Beach home.

Shriver is the founder and head of Best Buddies charity and first cousin of Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg, who is a member of the Obama Vice Presidential Nominating Committee.

Source: People Magazine

10 Responses to “The Afflecks & Damons: Baby Bumps for Obama”
Susan Benke
August 4, 08 • 4:53 pm

To the Afflecks and the Damons

I really do like your acting skills, but does that make you qualified to pick the president? I would like to know what policies Obama brings to the table? I hear him say Hope and Change, but where is the beef. If you go to his record the thing that he does most is vote “present”. Except on some real issues which his vote is polar opposite of mine. Like the bill that would have comforted a baby who was aborted, but just didn’t die – Obama’s solution is to let it die with the rest of the surgical “waste” – now as pregnant women how in the world can you vote for a man who would let a baby just die in pain – anyone who could think that that was ok – I wouldn’t want in my life let alone be the President of the United States.

You state that he will end the war – have you listened to him lately? He will pull out in maybe 16 months if all goes well – sounds just like McCain now. Univerisal Health Care – will not work – Yes our system needs change but not universal care – We need to have options, maybe more regulations on the health care providers, but ask the Canadians how well universal health care works – If they really need something done, and can afford it then they come to the States for quality care.

About the energy crisis – seriously inflate your tires is his solution – we need to drill at home in ANWR and on the continental shelf – we also need to devolp alternate energy sources, but I don’t think inflating the tires is the solution. And the ever present “windfall profit tax” on the oil companies – Do I think the profit they make is obscene? Yes – but I also think the amount you make for a movie is obscene – so who all will be taxed? It shouldn’t be just the oil companies but all compines and individuals who make a gross amount of money – Seriouly $14 million for pictures of babies – what a joke.

And lastly how can you vote for a man who surrounds himself with hateful anti american, anti white people. As the mother of a bi-racial child (white/black) I am offended that he does not acknowledge his white side, only the black side. But if not for his white relatives who would have raised him. William Ayers bombed this country, Rev. Wright and Fr. Flager are very hateful towards whites, Jews, and this country and then of course is Ludicris – what a waste of “talent”.

And Jennifer I got the ad – that Obama has lots of “fans” but does his celebrity make him a leader? Paris and Britney have lots of fans too, but I also doubt that they are qualified to lead.

Think before you speak – and get the facts not the hype.

Kimberly S
August 6, 08 • 12:24 am

I think Sen. McCain is doing a great job at pointing the finger at Obama and encouraging people not to vote for him. It is a shame and truly sad that McCain has that much control over American minds. No, I do not agree with everything Obama votes on but I truly do not want to live in this country with at least 4 more years of Bush policies. We as Americans have a duty to think for ourselves and to stop being so silly as to compare Obama to Paris and Brittney. Please be an adult and stop crying as McCain has. Help McCain raise more mney s he can get more publicity and stop complaining about Obama.

To the Afflecks and Damons thank you for supporting a presidential candidate that is for change in America!

C Cunningham
August 6, 08 • 2:08 pm

Its funny how the ignorant ( I mean democrats ) of this country will follow someone just because they can act or play a sport.
Do the research people! they are among some of the most clueless people on the planet. I enjoy a good movie with my favorite stars but I don’t ask them advice on who or how my life should be ran.
In most cases they can’t manage their own let alone give advice. That makes about much sense as asking doctor to fix my car. Keep them on the big screen where they know what they are doing and think for yourself. Stop being a bunch of sheep, or sooner or later they will lead you to slaughter.
C Cunningham

August 8, 08 • 2:47 am

At the end of the day, whether it be McCain or Obama, can we REALLY believe that they’re going to fix (or even make significant progress towards fixing) such mammoth issues as the national debt, gas prices, our health care system, immigration, and so forth, in four short years? Even on the average person’s job, it almost takes an act of congress to get a proposal pushed approved, let alone backed with funding and other resources. From idea to implementation could take years. I personally think that both of them are full of crap, and probably won’t deliver one-fourth of what they’re promising.

August 8, 08 • 12:44 pm

I think we need to step back for a second. Criticising celebrities for supporting presidential nominees by posting long-winded comments in response to their political views is giving them more credit than they deserve.

No, they are not qualified to pick the president anymore than you or I are, they were a handful of attendees at a fundraiser full of Obama supporters. Beyond voting like everyone else, they aren’t picking a president, they’re supporting and voting for who they want – just like every other American. By choosing to deify McCain and vilify Obama on a celebrity website of all places, YOU are the one that is giving their opinion more weight than it actually has.

Jim Lynch
August 8, 08 • 9:08 pm

We just had eight years of a total dunce for a president and look what he has done: lied his way into a war, bankrupted the national treasury, presided over a financial meltdown, and left our grandchildren a mountain of credit card debt. To use his words, “Heck of a good job, Brownie!” This is what happens when you are tricked into electing a guy that can’t extemporaneously speak a properly formatted English sentence.

John McCain graduated 5th from the bottom of an Annapolis class of 911. He crashed three Navy jets during peacetime and it was all covered up thanks to his father being an Admiral. He now boasts that “I know how to win a war” even though the only war he was ever in (Viet Nam) is now in our “loss” column.

Barack Obama graduated “Magma Cum Laude” from Harvard and taught Constitutional Law in Chicago. I’ve listened to many of his speeches on YouTube and one thing is clear, the guy is very smart, probably the smartest guy to run for office since John F. Kennedy.

As to Affleck and Garner, both are college-educated and the times I’ve seen them on television interviews, they both sound intelligent and acquit themselves admirably. They have as much a right to express themselves as I do. To dismiss them as “just celebrities” is an insult to all of us. I’ve never heard them say that their views are more important than the rest of us.

August 14, 08 • 11:45 am

Obama makes me gag! I wish Jennifer would stay out of politics. This is all Ben’s doing anyway and Jennifer is just following along after him. If she were single, I seriously doubt she would be following Obama around.

September 9, 08 • 11:00 pm

WOW! Well let me start by saying I am neither a Republican nor a Democrat. That gives me the FREEDOM to vote, and you’ve heard the old saying “for the lesser of 2 evils” McCain is my man! I may not agree with 100% of anything anyone says. But I can tell you that people are so brainwashed so easily. They like Jon Bon Jovi or Oprah or some other celebrity, and if they support someone they just follow. It’s almost like a cult of some sort. Maybe it’s the new/cool thing to do like dating someone that is black when you are white, or being bi-sexual when you really aren’t. And what the hell is this “the 1st black president crap?” What about the other 1/2 of him…did we forget about his white heritage?

September 17, 08 • 5:33 pm

I can’t believe Affleck has dragged Jennifer into this. She always seemed down to earth and wholesome. Now she will proably be ‘transformed’ into a typical Hollyood Liberal who cares little about the United States of America. I thought she would be smarter than this. Obama is an empty suit and B.J.Clinton was the ‘1st black president’ oh how the Hollywood libs loved him. America’s in a recession and Obama and Hollywood are attending $28,500 a plate fundraisers?! God help us!

September 27, 08 • 5:00 am

I’m not settled on either one of them 100%–Hollywood stars are definitely NO type of guide as far as who to vote for–they’re really not even on the same planet as us.

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